Registrar of Vital Statistics

Copies of:     Birth Certificates

                   Marriage Certificates

                   Death Certificates

The cost is $10.00 per copy.  Check or money order only, or cash if picking up copy in Clerk’s office.  Verification of identity is required.  Certain criteria need to be met.  Please indicate purpose for which the record is required.  Local registrars much ensure that the person requesting a record is the person entitled to that record.  Legal entities requiring copies must be on legal letterhead and a documented need to establish a legal right or claim has been demonstrated.

In the case of death certificate, if the request is made by someone other than the spouse, parent, sibling, or child of the deceased, the application or letter must be accompanied by supporting documents establishing a legal right or claim to obtain a certified copy or transcript.  Per NYS Law “The applicant must provide the decedent’s name and date of death”.

A certified copy or a certified transcript of Birth Certificate may be issued only to a person with a NYS Court order, to the person named on the birth certificate, if 18yrs or older, to the parents of the person named on the birth certificate, or to a municipal, state, or federal agency when needed for official purposes.

Please make checks out to:   Town of Camden

Mail to the above address.

Please allow 2 weeks for completion of application and delivery of copy.


Town of Camden Registrar,

 Allyson Snow